Cruel In Laws Steal A Man’s Dog, Then Dump Him In Parking Lot


A separation between a dog and his owner is one of the saddest things ever. This could happen due to many reasons that lead to the dog going missing or stolen.

But no one ever thought that separating a dog and its owner could be done on purpose.

One night after Jason Diggs was putting his baby to sleep in his bed, he went downstairs to discover that his dog had gone missing.

The shocked owner looked for his dog and searched in every possible place that he might be hiding in, but all in vain.

Later, he found an annoying post on Facebook that gave him answers to all his question. His in-laws, who had never loved his dog, Tyson, decided to take the dog and dump it a parking lot. Leaving the dog alone and tied to a post.


They left him with a big bag of dog food, hoping that someone would take  the dog and offer him a new forever home.

Although, Tyson, was able to help himself by chewing the rope off the post, he stayed station in the parking lost, as if knowing his owner will come.

He was waiting and hoping that his owner will come to take him home so soon. Unfortunately, Tyson disappeared and the bag of food had gone missing as well.

Many of the animal rescue shelters in the area have kept an eye out for any sign or news of Tyson. Please, share this story with your family and friends! Help the two friends reunite again!

Image Credit: Chris Tina Cecil / Facebook