Cute red pandas enjoying playing in the snow.

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Now you are about to see the cutest thing ever, when this video stopped, I replayed it again, I can’t handle this amount of cuteness. Those amazing red pandas are having an amazing time playing in the snow, jumping and running around enjoying this amazing time of the year. The zoo cameras captured this video; it’s the cutest thing to see today, who can’t love red pandas?

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Red pandas are amazing, they are very beautiful looking, and they mostly live in China and Nepal and Himalaya. They have two species, Western Red Panda and Styan’s Red Panda. Red Pandas are reddish-brown in color; they have a thick furry coat with and amazing tails that is about 11 to 23 inches long, and 20 to 23 inches long for the whole body. The red pandas weigh about 12 to 20 pounds. Red pandas are mammals and they spend most of their time in the trees. Mostly red pandas eat herbivorous, which means that they don’t eat meat. From the whole 24 hours of the day, the red pandas spend about 13 hours eating. They gave birth after 134 days, and approximately there are 2,500 adult Red Pandas left in the wild, and as you see in this video, they are adorable and cute playful animals.

Animals are simply amazing. They are adorable, and they always amuse us with their funny and cute acts. We even sometimes see videos of animals that we want to have as pets. Watch this amazing compilation showing the most exotic baby animals, you will be totally amazed by this. Don’t miss also to watch these amazing photos of animals that was taken by a real talented photographer.

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Watch this cute video of the red pandas below and if you find it adorable, share it with your family and friends.