Dad brought a baby home for the first time, and what his dog did was AWESOME!

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Lots of new parents are thinking about how they will introduce their newborn baby to their dog, they think that it’s very hard to do so, but this video proved that it’s not that difficult. Now, this family is having a newborn baby, and they are now bringing him home, but they didn’t expect their dog to react like this.

But surprisingly, it needs a special training, so they trained their dog on that first introduction, so they added cautions on the video to present how to introduce your baby to your dog, and how to train your dog for it.

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So now you are bringing your dog for the first time, at first, mother entered the home to see all the excitement that the dog has, he is wagging his tail and curious about meeting the baby. She started to calm the dog down, you can let him sit down, and it’s like the preparation for the dad’s entery. The dad entered the home while holding the baby, the dog went to greet them, wagging his tail and getting very curious, the man made sure at first that the dog was sitting down so he came closer carefully to let the dog sniff the baby, each time the dog stood up and started getting excited, the man stood up too, it doesn’t matter if it takes many times to try, because dogs can get very excited because of the new member. After many tries, the dog understood it that he should be calm, so he showed submissions, he is showing that he won’t ever hurt the baby. On this moment, you should reward your dog for the good behavior, by treats or by lots of petting.

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Watch the video below, and if you find it useful, share it now with your family and friends who are about to have a new baby.