Delilah the dog that was caged for nine years, trying a comfy bed for the first time in her life.


It’s heartwarming to know that there are many people out there dedicating their life to save and rescue dogs from their scary and hopeless life they live in, also to save them from all life’s difficulties that they are facing, because they deserve to be loved.

Here you will meet Delilah, the 9 years old dog. Sadly, Delilah the dog spent 9 years in a wire cage in a puppy mill, it’s horrible, and how can those four legged friends deal with living in such a cage for this amount of time? They need to play and run. How did they end up in such a cage is a mystery. It was time for her to live the life that she didn’t experience before or even tried it for a while. Thankfully, Delilah the dog was saved by National Mill Dog Rescue, and now she is enjoying her life in comfort and in a relaxing place, and this video is a very short one but it shows how happy she is right now. The video shows Delilah experiencing a bed for the first time in her life, and let me tell you, it seems that it’s an amazing feeling, I am very happy that she is really enjoying it. It’s also amazing to see her wagging tail and rolling on the bed, I am glade that she is feeling this joy after the years of darkness she had been through.

You too can help those animals in need, it will be amazing if you just make a donation so more dogs like Delilah can have a chance like she had, to let them try soft beds and most importantly, love. Or you can just share this between your family and friends to encourage them to donate. There are thousands of dogs waiting out there for a hand to offer them some help.