Do You Know Why Your Dog Circles Before Lying Down?


There are so many things we can learn about our beloved petseveryday. As for our dogs, they are usually the most interesting thing in the room! It’s not debatable that dogs are one of the most intelligent animals in the animal kingdom. With their sharp senses of taste and smell, and their high-functioning brains that allow them to facilitate those senses, dogs are often used as police and military dogs. Not only for those reasons, but also for their emotional intelligence and their undeniable instinct that gives them the ability to differentiate between good and bad.This is why scientists continue to study the complex relationship between dogs and humans as well as the general behavior of dogs, and with a little bit of online research, there are tons of new interesting facts we can learn about our dogs!


This is one of these facts. Have you ever observed how your dog behaves before lying down for a nap? Well, most dogs do one thing before lying down. You might have noticed how your dog wals in a circle once or twice before lying down.This habit was discovered to be from the ancestors of the dog species, as back then, lots of dogs were not domesticated, and so, before sleeping in the wild, they circled around the chosen area to mat down grass, and also to scare away any insects or snakes that might be in the grass.Also, it was a way for dogs in packs to specify the spot in which each dog will sleep. Isn’t it amazing? I never thought about this when my dog does it! It’s fascinating how this habit has not faded over the centuries.


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H/T: Mental Floss