Dog found starving all alone and healed by love and care.


When the rescue group found Kimmy, she was emaciated and they took her to the rescue shelter. Kimmy was one of the worst cases of emaciation that was ever found and she had a tiny chance to survive she was really about to reach her end.

Kimmy is about a year old but she has been through so much struggle. Her suffering journey started when she came to New York City from the South. She was found wandering around someone’s property, starving and barely walking. She was found as skin and bones, very emaciated. She missed the feeling to be loved and cared for and maybe this made her suffer more than starvation itself.


Dogs are very sensitive animals and they do need love and affection. They appreciate companions and love their owners. But how could her owner do this to her “Just dump it and get another one I suppose!” This is really cruel. Some people do not know the real responsibility they have after getting a pet. Unfortunately, they get pets for fun and after a while they stop caring.


But how do they forget that they were the ones who chose to take care of animals in the first place?! Is this a welfare issue only?! Is it fun for them to amuse themselves with a soul and then dump it? they even don’t care enough to put it in a pet caring house. How exactly this domestic animal is supposed to live.


The moral of the story is that there are people in this world who still have mercy and love,Kimmy was healed by love and her amazing transformation happened because of these individuals. Within few weeks, Kimmy gained 15 pounds and was ready to leave hospital. Now she is healthy, happy and ready to find a place where she can find love and care.