Dog Found With Both Eyes Damaged Finally Has His Happy Ending


It is a story with two extreme feelings, you will feel very sorry and upset for Ashton, the dog, and you will feel overwhelmed with happiness when you hear  the end of the story!

Ashton is a dog, whose both eyes been popped out of his skull.  He was found and taken to an animal shelter. At the shelter and after medical check-ups, he showed many forms of abuse and neglect.

The two-year-old dog was found roaming the streets with his eyes in a horrific condition that they were literally popped out of his head. Someone had picked him up and took him to the emergency animal clinic Arizona Humane Society where he was rushed into surgery.

They could save him, but sadly not his eyes, leaving him blind. According to surgeons, one of his eyes had been totally damaged for some time, and his other eye was damaged recently. It is not known what exactly happened to him, because both eyes had to be removed making his adoption potentials very faint.

Medical staff started helping Ashton to adapt to his new life conditions as a blind dog. His new family had to be extremely patient with him during this process, but his new owners is sure they can provide him a loving place and a better life!

Now, Ashton has a forever family and a warm home!

Ashton is described as an energetic dog full of energy and life. He is smart, loving and friendly. The good thing is that his new forever family is promising to do the best they can to make his life much better and to provide him with love and warmth which he deserves!

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via lifewithdogs.tv