Dog Has Been Homeless For His Entire Life, But Then Something Amazingly Happened To Him

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Hope For Paws received a call about a street dog who had been living his whole life on the streets. The unfortunate dog was having trust issue with human, he wouldn’t allow any human to get close to him!

He was extremely terrified if any human approached him!

When he noticed that the group of Hope For Paws trying to approach him, he ran away towards a busy intersection. They followed him and finally they managed to catch him!

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The poor dog was right to feel scared to death because he never experienced any touch of love before. He didn’t trust humans, he didn’t know what compassion felt like.

They tried to earn his trust and make him feel comfortable with them. He had the worst matting that Eldad Hagar  had ever seen in his life and fleas were covering his whole body!

They named him Benji. You won’t like to miss watching the incredible transformation of Benji, he seems like a totally different dog!

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It was the time to shave away a lifetime of neglect! Then it was the time for giving him a warm bath.

After Benji’s makeover, Lisa Chiarelli started working on healing his soul. For more than ten days, the adorable dog was totally shut down. At the shelter, Benji made friends and enjoyed spending time with his friends Lola and Frankie who had a magical effect on him and took him out of his shell.

With time, Benji healed to show his real personality. He is a loving, playful, smart and friendly dog.

Share Benji’s story with your family and friends and help him find the forever loving home that he deserves.