Dog Lived In Cardboard Box Tastes Love For His First Time Ever!

This poor dog used to stare at passing cars howling for his owner to come back but it seems that his owner left him behind. The dog was abandoned there and it was hard to convince him that his owner was not coming back, it took all of Miami neighborhood to convince him of that.


The Dodo was the first to report about his story on  Thursday. After they knew about the dog that had been camping on the corner of the 10th Avenue River Drive for several days. Local residents took care of him and they brought him food, blankets and shelter.

By that evening, a GoFundMe paged made $2,000 donations were made, mainly, from Australia and England for his medical care.

“I’ve gotten bombarded with emails,” Julian Rovito, one of the neighbors helping the dog, tells The Dodo. “I really want to respond to everyone. And I will do that.”

The neighbors had tried for many times to get the dog into a crate, that was something they failed to do!

Thursday was a very rainy day and the dog had left the street corner box looking for a shelter in somebody’s yard.

“We tried to get a leash on him and he wouldn’t have it,” Rovito says.


A neighbor offered to put the big crate in his car and take the dog to Alton Road Animal Hospital.

A Miami-based rescue called Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) had been in contact with the hospital. When the dog arrived they were already waiting for him!

He was covered in fleas and ticks. His skin was cut in several places. A chunk of flesh was missing from his nose.


“He had a bad day,” Rovito explains. “Between it raining all day and us chasing him trying to get him into the crate and then doctors trying to probe him … he was a little snarly.”

Then something amazing has happened!

Joey, the dog, got a new bed and love!

He will stay at the hospital till the people working with ARM finds him a foster home!

It was obviously that all he needed was love and some help!

If you are interested in adopting Joey, contact with Rovito at jrovito11@gmail.com or call the Alton Road Animal Hospital at 305-764-7387.

Share his story with your family and friends to raise his chance to find a forever home!