Dog Risks Her Life In Floods To Rescue Her Puppies To Safety

In eastern India, floods caused by heavy rains have spread wide during the recent weeks and forced thousands of residents to move across the region. In the middle of this natural disaster, some heroic stories have emerged; and this video shows one of these stories.

Last Tuesday, a video uploaded to YouTube shows the heroic action of a dog in the city of Chennai. The video has been filmed earlier this month, and it documents how a brave dog has risked her life to save her puppies from the middle of the flooded street.
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While the video ends abruptly, the hero mom reportedly repeated the trip 4 times until she saved all her puppies, which stranded on a disappearing little dry bit of land.

This is not the only story of a rescuer dog in Chennai. A woman named Fathima Shaw has recently reported that a dog has helped her safely navigate a flooded street. The sweet dog stopped and waited for her every time she stopped.
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At first, she thought that she was imagining that the dog crossed the street with her, but when she balked at deep water and started pacing back and forth, the dog went to her through the water and helped her traversing it.

Certainly, there are countless heroes of people have saved displaced and stranded animals, but this video is a clue that humans are not the only rescuers, dogs either think that every life is a life worth to be saved. Just as some hero humans helped displaced pets move away from dangerous flooded areas, these two stories are telling that dogs can be heroes as well.

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Via the dodo