Dog survived a lifesaving surgery. Now look closely at his 6-year-old human brother!

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In New Jersey, Aiden, a 6 years old boy, had to go through a tough experience for a boy at his age. He was about to lose Alfie, his best friend who meant the world to him. Aiden and his 9 years old Shetland sheepdog are companions since Aiden came to the world. Sadly, Alfie was on the brink of dying, and to save his life, he crucially had to go through a perineal hernia surgery, which was too pricey for Aiden’s single mom to afford!

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“This time was truly tough for both Aiden and me,” said Kelley Karle, Aiden’s mom. “I did not have the enough money for the all the medical costs Alfie needed. Besides, I was fired from work due to the many days off I had to take to be there with my son and his precious pup,” she added.

Luckily, the founder of Don’t Bully Us Rescue, Mark Peters, appeared just in time to help raise the funds for the required surgery. While Dr. Magazu was performing the risky and challenging surgery At Saint Francis Veterinary Center of South Jersey, both Aiden and his mom were praying for Alfie to make it. “I could not even think of the idea that we might lose Alfie” said Kelley.08-05-2016 11-05-10 صThankfully, Alfie made it, and Aiden was very much happy to receive all the kisses his buddy gave him right after the surgery! Watch the amazing video below!

You can help Aiden and Kelley with the medical funds still needed for Alfie by donating to their page.

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