Dog walks on two legs only like a boss!

Scooter, a sweet and tiny Lhasa-Poodle mix was born without his front legs. However, the adorable little puppy is determined to walk around just like any other puppy. Pitty Paws Bully Rescuehas taken the responsibility of Scooter ever since he was given to a shelter as a newborn. With the help of Dr. Julie Mayer, Scooter is being taught how to walk with only his hind limbs.

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Scooter happens to be a fast learner. Soon enough he’s trotting around with his hind legs like the champ he is! However, Dr. Julie Mayer had to use creative means to help scooter learn to walk. One of those means was to get a spoon full of peanut butter, while getting Scooter to wear an inflatable tube to help him keep his balance. Scooter learns to walk by trying to move on his hind limbs towards the peanut butter to get a taste while staying upright.


Also another method is to get scooter to walk with the help of a mobility cart, which seems as much fun! The 12-week old little puppy is now walking faster than 10-month old babies! Before he learned to walk around with his hind legs, he used to scoot around; which is probably why he was named Scooter. However, this was not quite healthy for him as it may cause him chest injuries; such as, lesions.

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Scooter’s story is simply inspirational. This 12-week old puppy has more determination and perseverance than most consenting adults. He dealt with his unfortunate mutation and embraced it. He took it as a challenge to prove himself a dog worthy of love, admiration and care as any normal one. Scooter managed to win many people’s hearts with his happy-go-lucky way. He truly is such a sweetheart, isn’t he?

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