Dog With Its Head Stuck In A Plastic Jar Gets The Help

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Stray dogs who live in the streets or in the wild are usually exposed to danger and they hurt themselves. As they search for food, they dig through the trash to find the tiniest pieces of edible pieces. Their desperate needs to survive can lead them to painful situations.

The staff at Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about a wild dog living beside a trash filled river with its head stuck in a plastic jar.  After a while of searching and digging around the place, they finally found the dog walking in the woods.

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The woman who reported the incident to Animal Aid Unlimited, came to help in the search. The poor dog was barely breathing. The position of the head in the jar was suffocating!

Thankfully, the help came at the perfect time. The two men cut the plastic jar off its face and freed the dog from the suffocating trap.

Watching the dog run freely at the end of the video will melt your heart. No one knows what would have happen to it if help didn’t arrive.

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Animal Aid Unlimited chooses the animals who are only in desperate need of help and their condition is very serious or critical. The dog in the video doesn’t suffer any health problems and that’s why they let it go and didn’t bring it to their shelter, because there is a huge increasing number of stray dogs.

Either way, we are grateful to Animal Aid Unlimited for rescuing the dog and putting an end to its misery.  This story teaches us to step up and give a helping hand to those in need, because that one small good thing can save lives!

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