Epic battle between a boxer dog and a leaf! You won’t stop laughing at this.

Epic battle between a boxer dog and a leaf! You won't stop laughing at this.

This boxer dog is very funny; it’s the weirdest battle ever, between a boxer dog and a leaf, all I can say is this video is epic. The Boxer dog in the video is named Leonardo, and he is smart and protective, he is protecting his house, from a “leaf”. This leaf was blown to the window by the wind. The moment that the boxer dog saw it, the battle started instantly, the boxer dog started to bark on the leaf. From his point of view, the boxer dog wants to protect his family from the tiniest things, even if it’s a leaf. This video is an adorable one that I couldn’t stop laughing at it; this boxer dog is doing the perfect job protecting his home and his family, even if the enemy is a leaf.

A boxer dog is the best to have, they are amazing, and they are very lovely and funny. It’s one of the most adorable breeds ever. The boxer dog is the smartest and the strongest of all. A Boxer dog is smart, incredible, and so protective. Their life span is from 9 to 10 years, and litter average is from 6 to 8 puppies. The boxer dog’s coat is short haired and smooth which makes it easy to groom. A boxer dog is curious and full of energy which makes them always active and playful; boxer dogs are easy to train and to teach new skills and tricks, being a “full of energy” dog makes them great partners in adventures and games. A Boxer dog doesn’t like to be treated harshly, so when you put him/her on training, make sure it’s under fun conditions.

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So what are your dog’s biggest fears? Watch this amazing video and if you find it funny, share it with your family and friends.