Every pet owner needs those tips to get rid of pet hair!


While adopting any kind of pet can be a very wonderful thing, it is also a huge responsibility that requires lots of attention, effort, and dedication. Every day we are faced with the issue of pet hair and how it just gets stuck everywhere! If you have any kind of pet that has a heavy or thin coat, you must have noticed how pet hair is almost everywhere to be seen – on your furniture, on your clothes, and in your laundry. This smart woman decided to share with her fellow pet owners some tricks she uses to minimize the issue of pet hair.
Firstly, we start with floors. For hard floors, you should switch to an electrostatic mop instead of using a vacuum. Vacuum exhaust usually increases the problem by sending the hair flying all around the place.
As for carpets, you can spread baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming. It will loosen the hair from the carpet. To clean up the edges of your carpet, wear a rubber glove and slightly wet it then move it over the darkened area. The hair will easily get stuck to the gloves.

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An important tip is to use a technique called “sandwiching”, which is to vacuum the floors, then clean your furniture, then vacuum once more. It’s the optimum solution to get the most out of your cleaning. You can use a microfiber cloth that is only slightly wet to clean up any wooden or glass furniture. As for keeping your sofas and chairs clean, if your pet has a favorite spot, you can cover it with a blanket and wash it frequently. Also, make sure to wash your pet’s sleeping bed as it can be a source of odors.

As for laundry, to soften the fabric of your clothes and loosen the hair out of them before washing, you can try putting them in the dryer prior to washing. After that, shake the clothes well and put them into the washer. You can also add in half a cup of white vinegar that will also help loosen the fabrics.

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Watch the video for more details and tips and share it with your fellow pet owners!