Experts say that of each 4 dogs, one has depression. But do you have an idea about the common reasons why?

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Every dog owner knows that these amazing creatures have incredible range of emotions. While it is easy for us to know when they are happy or excited, it is not that easy when they are sad or depressed. Still, it is every dog owner’s responsibility to learn about the causes of doggie depression, and the treatment tips that can be easily followed, and at the same time, be helpful for the happiness and mental health of our precious canine friends.

According to The Telegraph, a study on Britain’s dogs concluded that of each four dogs, one suffers from depression!  Fortunately, there are some helpful ways for dog owners to detect and treat doggie depression, and they are quite easy to learn just as the ways to treat canine arthritis.

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Six Causes Of Doggie Depression
Cause #1: Medical Problems Or Pain


While our pets cannot tell us by words when they feel something wrong, their behavior can tell it all. That is why every pet owner has to pay attention to the change in their pup’s behavior. It is the only way to monitor the health of our precious pets, besides the periodical checkup at your vet’s of course.

According to Lovetoknow.com, “when canines have something physically wrong, they may show depression symptoms”

Generally, most medical problems can cause behavioral change. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your pet’s behavior, and bring them to the vet whenever you notice an unusual change in their attitude.