Firefighter rushes to rescue a fluffy pup, but wait to watch where he is stuck.

Almost all pet owners would experience a bit of fear every time they leave their pets alone, worrying about their safety. Actually, I think about my furry baby throughout the day. I also think what if, heaven forbid, something happened to the building while I’m not there to grab my baby on my way out through the fire escape?

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However, we cannot really live our life such incredibly worry about who we love the most because of things that are totally out of our hands. Instead, the best thing we can do is to take all possible precautions before stepping out the door and leaving a pet alone, such as making sure there are no fired candle left, all breakable things are not in our pet’s reach, no knives left on the counter or on the drying rack, and all windows are closed!

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When one resident thought that it would be safe to skip a window with child-proof bars open, he had no idea that he could almost get his precious pup killed!

Many residents in major cities child-proof their windows. Although some people think that it would be safe to leave a pet alone at home while leaving a window open, this can be extremely dangerous as some pets, even big pooches can manage to squeeze through the bars.

Thankfully, an NYPD firefighter appeared in time and rescued the pup before falling down. There is no wonder some pet owners insist on having security screens where they live with their loved pets!

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