Five things you should do if your dog suddenly seems paralyzed.


Have you ever asked your dog how to treat a dog that was diagnosed with tick paralyzes, or have you ever asked yourself what should you do if you found your dog suddenly seemed to have tick paralyzes? So here in this article we will discuss five things to do in this article.
1-You always have to check on your dog’s health, especially from ticks, and if you find anything, remove it instantly by yourself. And from the other signs of that conditions are the change of dog’s ability to bark and eat, also you will find the dog coughing or vomiting.
Paralyze is very hard on a dog, the infected dog will spread first at the back legs, and later it may affect the four legs, and in the hard cases, it can cause death because paralyze can affect the breathing system.
2-If you found that your dog is having trouble while breathing, take him to the vet immediately, and try your best to keep him calm and cool.
3-When you try to calm your dog down; don’t give him any type of treats or food or water, because your dog won’t be able to swallow.
4-If you didn’t find any ticks, you have to go to the vet immediately, the vet will try to find ticks, if he didn’t, then you should make your dog some tests to determine the cause of the condition.
5-Always do your best in protecting your dog and preventing him from ticks, some homemade sprays will be a good idea. Preparations like this are not very effective but it’s better than nothing. The homemade spray is made from essential oils. You can also ask about those sprays at the pet shop, and the vet’s office.

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