For the first time in the country! Animal abuse registry is going to launch in Tennessee


According to the Tennessee House of Representatives and Senate, an unusual action due to be applied in May 2015. They created a website that will be a registry of animal abuse cases, and it is a statewide. This website will compile the names of all reachable animal abusers in the state!

Tennessee will be the first state to take such action to animal abusers. The website was supposed to launch in October, but according to Wendy Palmer, the assistant manager of Green County Greeneville Humane Society, the website is still under construction and undergoing minor changes.

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“Offender will stay for two years on the registry if it is their first abuse” said Palmer, “this will make any one think twice before abusing any animal”.

“Recently on October 22nd, volunteers working at a shelter helped save a cat that was shot with an arrow here in the town of Greeneville.  It is a very cruel aggressive action” Palmer added, “Although that abuser has not been caught yet, I hope that registry will help decrease abuse cases in the future “.

“Excluding livestock, there would be felony consequences against cruelties toward dogs and such abusive behaviors” said Wayne Thomas, Johnson City animal control officer.

In an interview with news at channel 11, Thomas said that region counties are already communicating well when it comes to such abusive actions, and the web abuse registry will support that co-ordinative relationship.

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 The registry website of animal abuse in the state of Tennessee will launch in January 2016. It is a matter of time before this registry probably charges abusers for their cruel behavior towards the state’s poor living beings.

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