Forget about the dress! Is this cat going up or down?

4-11-2015 5-05-08 PMFew weeks ago, there was one thing that all people were talking about, the color of the “dress.” Lots of people said it’s black and blue, others said it’s white and gold. The whole internet and social media were crazy, they were talking about the true color of the dress, everyone was arguing about it. People were divided in two types since then, one is black & blue, and the other was white & gold.

4-11-2015 5-07-33 PM

After lots of discussions, the final result was that the dress is actually a black and blue dress. The original company that designed the dress “Roman Originals” announced that the sales of the dress were historical after the battle started on internet.

4-11-2015 5-08-16 PM

But now, forget all about that dress, let’s talk about the new optical illusion, now there is another a new optical illusion challenge that people are talking about also, but believe me it’s more harder!
What do you think about this photo? Is this cat is going down stairs or going up stairs?

4-11-2015 5-09-04 PMThe cat’s photo is driving the internet crazy; the photo was posted on Imgur five years ago and it gained more than 14,000 views, and later 9gag.com picked it and shared it on their Facebook page where thousands of people voted for the right answer from their point of view and it was suggested that it will go viral next few days. Actually, as for the dress, we knew at the end that the dress black and blue, we knew the true color, but for this cat’s photo we didn’t figure out what is the truth about it yet! So what do you think about it? Is the cat going up or down?
So let’s help this photo to go viral on the internet, it will be the next optical illusion challenge, help us find the truth about it.