Gabby was a complete mess, see the miraculous transformation.

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When dogs are groomed, they totally look so different, it’s the same thing for stray dogs, grooming gives them second chances, and help in raising the chances of adoption.

Here you will meet Gabby the Shih Tzu dog, she is a stray dog, and she faced many hard and difficult circumstances while living in the street. She was stuck in a glowing liquid, which led for her front paws to be stuck together that she can’t walk normally.

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A rescue team rescued the Shih Tzu dog from the street and thankfully, she is in safe hands now, they took her to the shelter and solved the problem of her front legs, and thankfully now she is walking normally on her front paws. But it was time for the new makeover, that makeover that will raise her chances in adoption. The sweet Gabby shaved and took a bath, and you won’t believe how she looks like now! She is looking adorable, she is the sweetest Shih Tzu ever, and now she is waiting her new home.

Despite how this Shih Tzu is looking amazing, adopting a dog is a thing that may change your life, if everyone adopts a dog instead of buying one, we could save all dogs on earth. Some people thinks that saving dogs won’t change a thing, but the fact is that saving one dog will not change the world, but for the dog, the whole world will change forever. Now, don’t hesitate, make a change in a dog’s life, give him a forever home and endless love. You will find that your life is changing to the better; lots of dogs are waiting there in shelters for your hearts to be open up for them.

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