Great Dane suffers from arthritis. Now keep your eyes on his human… WOW!

Dogs love a few things more than a nice rub from the head down to the toe. It is undeniable that we love to pet our furry friends just as they love being petted. Luckily, many owners are truly good at rubbing and pampering, and this is why many of our best friends have the amazing chance to experience the nice feeling of comfort and relaxation, just like Rosco!

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We are sure that our pups are our best friends, but they have some understandable good reasons for loving us that much! In fact, I have wished many times if I could switch places with my precious pup and have someone rub on me all day. I know I’m not as pampered as my pup, just like most of the dog owners are, but seriously, you must have thought about this as. After all, how many of us get a nice massage on a daily basis?

Rosco the Great Dane is fond of legs massage. This smart guy even knows how to lay in the right position to be served with a perfect massage by his owner.

Additionally, massage time is a great chance to strengthen a pup’s bond with its owner. In the video below, you clearly see how Rosco really enjoys kicking his feet up. I’m not sure about you, but I would love to trade places with this adorable pooch one day!

This large-sized pooch is very lucky to have this kind and caring owner who really knows how to relieve his friend’s aching joints. It is pretty obvious how he makes sure Rosco is happy!

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