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Have You Ever Believed That A Dog Is Good For Your Baby Even Before Being Born?!.. Check This

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Most dog owners say that companionship is the reason to have a cuddly devoted tail wager. Some people also have dogs for protection. But most importantly is that dogs are too cute!

So, it is not surprising that dog owners are willing to put up with less savory features of dogs like; muddy footprints and slobbers all over completely everything! But have you ever known that slobber and other pet dirt may actually be a pet benefit too! Especially if you are an unborn baby!

Dogs, and also cats, can influence the microbial communities in homes so much that if a mother lives with a dog, or cat, while she is pregnant, you are about 30% less likely to have allergies as a child. I know this sounds bizarre and we don’t know exactly why?! The most likely explanation is called “The Hygiene Hypothesis”.

You know how children from farms have suffered less from Allergies and Asthma. Scientists think this because their immunity system develops stronger thanks to exposure to wide dry dirt bacteria and germs. A key part of immunity is the cells that recognize the foreign bacteria, viruses, transplanted body parts or even its own damage cell.

Healthy cells in your body have distinct proteins on them that immune cells recognize them as part of YOU!  Where intruders and unhealthy cells are exposed to careful monitored process. If any of your cells start causing much harm, your immune cells will attack it.

Having dog slobber, kitty toys, and footprints around the mother can make the new baby’s immune system work before they are even born!

This is an added reason why I love dogs so much, share this piece of information with your friends!