He found a two days old kitten in a parking lot, what he did for her is amazing.

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When you see those types of rescues, the first thing that you notice is that those people were there in that time for a reason, the reason is saving an innocent life. If this man was not there, this cat would be dead by now.
This man recorded a video, introducing his little new friend, a little kitten who is only two days old, but sadly she got lost from her mother. As the man explained, someone called him telling him that he found a little baby kitten, so he asked him to put her in the box, make sure that there aren’t any other kittens around and bring it home for him. The man followed the instructions because he doesn’t have an experience in how to treat a two days born kitten; the man brought it to the one who recorded the video.
The little kitten was in a parking lot, the umbilical cord was still hanged off, it means that it’s a new born kitten, the kitten was so dirty and full of blood, and it was also freezing, so the man cleaned it softly and cut off the umbilical cord, the man also warmed up the kitten by putting a heating pad on it, he also fed the kitten and now it is two days old, living in a safe home.

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The explanation that while the cat was giving birth, she felt scared and terrified, so she ran away leaving the baby, maybe she ran after giving birth to him and it fell accidently without she even noticed it.
As the man said, he is already having two cats but they are not very welcoming to the new guest.

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Watch the video below and see this cute kitten, don’t hesitate to share it with your family and friends.