He lies motionless on the unmade bed, but wait until she tries to get him up…

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Whenever I attempt to make my bed without fail, I have to deal with my furry companion who insists to help me doing this daily task. Yet, I wonder why he thinks that he should sit right in the middle of my bare mattress every single time!

At that time, I try fluffing the sheets up over him, but again, he assumes that I play with him some kind of a game, similar to that parachute game we used to play when we were kids. While I know this is not the proper way to make a bed right, it is still a kind of fun time with my furry friend. The video below shows a dog mom who tries to deal with the same issue!

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Max, the adorable pup in the video, may look a bit sick at first, but he is actually that kind of dogs who would not give up his favorite napping spot easily!

While Max’s mom tries to get him down of the bed by all means, the sleepy pup refuses to leave “his” comfy bed. He even refuses to move a muscle for the treats his mom offers him!

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Clearly, this pup does not deal with this issue as just giving up his comfy spot on the bed, but it looks like he takes it as a battle of will and wit! That’s what the mom figured out after a while and that is why she had to pull out her final and secret weapon.  Do you think it worked?  Watch the hilarious video below and figure out yourself!

Source: Foolproof Way To Get Your Dog Off Your Bed by AFV on Rumble

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