He Rescued A Puppy From A Hot Car, What He Did Next For Her Is The Kindest Thing Ever

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It’s very dangerous to leave your dog alone in the car. Cars heat up more quickly than many people think which can cause your dog to die.Every year, a lot of pets are harmed with heatstroke and suffocation when left in parked cars. And it’s not ruled by time, it’s dangerous especially for those quick stops, so here we are making it clear, that it just takes only minutes for your pet to face death. Even when the weather is not that hot out there, you have to know that the temperature is very different in your parked car; it increases in closed cars by more than 80 degrees. Even with the windows cracked.

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Despite all the awareness about how dangerousit is to leave your dog in the car, we still find careless owners .This policeman didn’t believe it when he found a dog locked in the car alone for two hours, the car was hot, the dog was about to die, the temperature is 110 degrees, and the reason why they left her is simply “shopping”.

Officer Jeff O’Rearhad an urgent call about a Chihuahua puppy that was left in a hot car at a shopping center in Kansas City. When he arrived there, he found the dog unconscious; lying on her back, with her legs up, it wasn’t easy on him to see a dog that is dying. Thankfully, he took the dog out of the car and he rushed to the vet hospital whereshe got the treatment she needed, they found her internal temperature was about 107 degrees.

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The amazing part of the story is that the officer decided to adopt the Chihuahua puppy, since he rescued her, he couldn’t stop thinking about the horrible time she faced, so he decided to give her a forever home, a loving family that will do its best to give her the amazing life she deserves. The adoption was the best news to tell his daughter who was very welcoming to the dog.

As for the puppy’s original owners, they were charged with animal cruelty.