He saved a dog from a horrifying situation, see the progress and how the experience changed both his life and the dog’s.


This man amazed me, he is compassionate and very kind, this story left me like, wow.

Taking place in North Florida, you will meet Matt. Matt was in North Florida because of his work, he was supervising a drilling operation for three days, and as if fate planned it all out, he saw a neglected puppy. The puppy was tethered in a tree, and she was so skinny and looked ill.


The puppy was so frightened, and Matt did not notice anyone come out from the house she was in front of. Although there were people inside the house, they just abandoned the dog. On the first day, Matt tried approaching the dog but she only hid from him, and even though it was pouring rain, the dog did not move from her spot, and Matt only felt heartbroken and very angry.


Day two was a lot better than day one, he went to the place she is in very early, and he gave her water and some crackers. She loved the crackers, and she finally allowed Matt to come closer, she turned into a lovely, affectionate dog. Matt described her looks and it sounds horrifying, she does not deserve this. She was visibly in pain, her bones and skin weren’t in a good shape, she had millions of bugs and fleas, mange, and her belly was filled with worms. Matt thinks that she did not have much time left hence no one really feeds her, and people passing by would often throw her anything.


On her third day, however, life changed and took a beautiful turn. Matt convinced the people in the house to take the dog, and she was free after all. She gave many kisses to Matt, she was happy. Matt thinks that she is a 3 months old dog.

He went to a pet shop to get some essentials for the dog, and everyone in the shop loved her.


She was emaciated, and she had no meat at all in her body, you can see how tired she is. He gave her a shower when he was at home, and she loved it, but she was still tired and not comfortable. She was pacing, panting, and she just couldn’t lie down. Matt couldn’t touch her belly or she would just yelp in pain. It was very hard on him to see her like that, and he stayed awake for 36 hours just to comfort her. He wished he could give her more food, but he just couldn’t, he had to wait till he got to the vet.

Due to Matt’s work, he couldn’t keep the dog with him, but thankfully, he had an amazing girlfriend that took her in, he was very scared that the dog would have to be euthanized, but thankfully, that wasn’t her case.

The dog was taken into a summer camp program for kids due to being so young, so she would learn basic learning. The dog was adopted immediately, she had an outstanding personality.

Now on her adoption day, Matt just couldn’t hold it in. He was so happy for her, and knowing that he was the reason for getting the life she deserves was the reason he lived. Matt will continue helping the animals in need, and he made a donation to his local humane society. Matt is one courageous and kind man, he deserves the best, thank you Matt!