He Stopped At The Gas Station And Saw This Burned Cat, What He Did For Him Was The Kindest Thing Ever


It’s amazing to save a pure soul, and make it a part of your life also. This is what he did, the 32 years old biker who saved a little kitten, and made it a part of his trip of crossing the country. He rescued this kitten while he was on his way from Nevada to New Jersey. The biker found the kitten in the gas station, he stopped at the gas station to fill his bike, and when he saw the kitten, he took him and put him inside the vest. The biker named the rescued kitten “Party Cat”. When he was asked about the thing that made him save the kitten, he said that he was badly burned that he couldn’t leave him in this condition, so he took him to the vet immediately and now the cute kitten is doing way better. Here are some adorable photos of the kitten after he was rescued.

1-The kitten seemed to be happy with his new friend.


2-And about the collar…it’s totally adorable!


3-This kitten will not sleep in the gas station anymore, here he is sleeping safely and happily.