He Tried To Kick The Dog With His Leg, But Instant Karma Intervened

9-13-2015 5-54-54 PM

Karma is all around, standing beside every one of us, taking revenge if needed, for you. But this story strengthens my belief in karma more and more, you won’t believe what Karma did to this man. What happened in this video will teach you a lesson, never mess with a dog, because Karma will take the revenge. Karma is the only thing that makes you feel satisfied after whatever you saw of abuse, and this is the video that will make you feel the same thing, because this man get a dose of karma.

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The guitarist kicked the cat aggressively, but she got an instant revenge

It all started inside an internet café, it seems that it was late at night, no one was there in the café, but this stray dog came to search for food, he smelled something in the trash and he wanted to get it, but that man decided to spoil the moment, then he came running, tried to kick the dog but karma was there, that’s what we call instant karma. The man fell down while he was trying to kick the dog, he slippedon the floor, and it was a very hard fall that he landed on his bum, and it seems that he was injured badly. Well, this is the end for everyone who decides to hurt a dog. In the end, he get what he deserved, I hope he learned the lesson.

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He kicked the stray dog, but the dog got revenge in the most incredible way

I am so glad that this dog was not hurt; we hope that every stray dog can live peacefully. And we hope that karma takes revenge from everyone who wants to harm dogs. Watch the video and share it with all of your family and friends.