He tried to touch the goldfish with his hands, what happened next was indescribable.

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Every animal needs love no matter how small it is, they all need petting and caring. The fact is that we never believed that fishes can interact with the petting, but this video proved that I was totally wrong.

This video is showing a man who entered his hand into a fish tank, he tried his best to touch the goldfish with his hands, and when he touched the goldfish, he started to pet it in a very sweet way, and the goldfish seemed to look like she is really enjoying it! It’s cuter and better than we ever thought it would be. The goldfish really enjoys petting, have you ever imagined that it could be? I think that after watching this video, everyone will think about having a goldfish pet. This video made my day.

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Goldfish are amazing pets, they are very lovable and cute but you will need lots of care, and if you gave them love, they will never leave you alone, and so will you. I remember watching this video of a this little boy is having a little gold fish as his pet, he loved it so much but sadly she passed away, so it was time to say goodbye. He held the gold fish pet with his little hands, and he said goodbye in a very special way, he kissed his little fish, and it was time to throw it away in the toilet and the baby flushed it, after a few seconds of flushing the toilet, the boy looked at his mother sadly, and he totally broke down and started to cry, he was so sad, he felt like it’s the last time he will see his gold fish friend.

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