Her boyfriend surprises her with a puppy, but hold on…there’s more!


There were two reasons why Shelby burst into tears in front of the camera. Shelby’s boyfriend finally surprised her with the puppy she always wanted to have. She was about to find out, however, that he had also made a special tweak to the pink collar donned by the adorable puppy.

Just when Shelby picked the puppy up, she hears four words that are about to change her life forever from her loving boyfriend “Read her name tag,” he says. But Shelby is so surprised with her bundle of joy that she doesn’t even realize what’s really going on. “Read her name tag!” he says again.

When Shelby read the message, she burst into tears, tears of joy, of course.  She couldn’t believe her eyes. It was like a dream come true. I think any other lucky woman in her shoes would have done the same. It was such a special moment which will be cherished forever.  The puppy was the witness of their love and the reason for this couple to start a family.  26-11-2015 03-52-10 م

The sweet little puppy was still so young but she had already played an important role in this unexpected proposal.  She has played a great role in the first chapter of her mom’s and dad’s story. See what message, or should I say, question this amazing boyfriend had for Shelby in the video. I have a feeling this family has many more memories to look forward to and I’m pretty sure that no one will ever forget this special day. I Wish them the best of luck.

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