Her dog destroys her beanbag chair, when he begs for forgiveness, she did the sweetest thing

5-11-2015 2-33-30 PM

Well, imagine how it can be when you get back home and find that your dog did something like this! Oh my god it’s shocking, but once that your dog gives you that guilty look, you feel nothing but wanting to hug your dog, and laugh! And you find yourself forgetting about everything, you don’t care about the horrible thing that your dog did!

5-11-2015 2-33-53 PM

This is what happened in the video, when the owner Elise Johnson came back from work, she entered her home and was shocked by this! Her cocker spaniel destroyed her beanbag chair completely, oh my god it’s shocking! She called on Jasper, the guilty cocker spaniel and when he came, he was trying to hide, he gave her that magical guilty look, he was walking beside the wall feeling guilty, like telling her “I’m sorry, you love me more or that beanbag chair?”

But Elise’s reaction was priceless, she started to laugh and then she leaned down to him and gave him some petting and a hug. How cute, she really loves her dog and she is ready to forgive him for anything.

5-11-2015 2-34-12 PM

I think that it’s in all of us, we all love our dogs a lot, we can forgive them for any mistake they may do, even if it was a disaster. I think that dogs teach us some morals, at least not to take life too seriously and how to forgive and love. It’s not easy to forgive things like chewing a shoe heel, eating the wood of the table, cutting the pillow out, digging in the grass, or licking everything, or chewing something important from your stuff, but you find it the easiest thing when you find out that they can apologize, and they feel guilty.