Here are a few real facts about Rottweilers, and a footage of adorable puppes.



You might think that you know everything about your dog, or any other dog breed, but you’re totally wrong. People think that they do, and they say supposedly true facts, and turns out that they are not true at all, which causes confusion to everyone, and the result is getting a dog that is not the right one for you. Just like everyone thinks that Pit bulls’ jaws are the strongest, and that is totally wrong. Rottweilers have the strongest jaw among all the dog breeds, even stronger than the German shepherd’s and Pit bulls’ jaws. So if you think that you know anything about Rottweilers, you don’t, and if you don’t know anything at all, prepare yourself to get to know this beautiful breed.

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Best Breed Ever is giving us useful facts and information about Rottweilers, also showing us amazing and adorable records of Rottweiler puppies and adults. One of the most important facts that belongs to Rottweilers is that training is mandatory for them, whether in puppyhood or adulthood, training is absolutely necessary. Rottweilers have no variations in colors, their only colors are Brown and black, and nevertheless, they look fabulous in it. You can also see if Rottweiler is the right dog breed for you, you have to know that they need lots of care and someone who will give them attention all the time, and they need to be properly socialized. You will also get a glimpse of where they were founded, and their history in the 1900’s and what were they useful in.

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In between of all the facts, you will see adorable puppies goofing around, playing together with balls, and even their parents are playing with them, it’s just amazing and they will melt your heart. Rottweilers are handy, but they make perfect life companions.