Hilarious! Calvin the dog loves to steal slides from the kids.

1-27-2015 9-58-56 AM

This is the funniest video ever; Calvin the dog is crazy about the sleds, he loves to steal it from everyone. It’s absolutely funny and hilarious, the way he tries to steal the sled is insane; he is crazy about stealing sleds from kids! Every time he sees one, he directly runs toward it and does his best to steal it, and when he grabs it, he runs away with it. That crazy face he did in 0:38, when Calvin the dog already was trying his best to steal a sled, and in the same moment he saw another one so he ran towards it, Calvin can’t leave any sleds behind. This video is absolutely funny. And as his owners said, he does this every time he sees a sled, and when his owner wants to give the sled back to the original owner, then, the owner does his best to take it off his mouth by his self.

Nevertheless, before going for a walk with your dog or go to play with sleds in this snowy weather, you have to make sure that your dog is warmed up. All you need for your dog is to let him wear a sweater to protect from the cold but make sure that your dog’s breed is in need for this, because not all dogs get cold. There are so many dogs such as Husky dogs and others who can handle the cold weather because they have a thick coat, they already can’t live in hot weathered places. Also before your dog walks on ice, let him wear boots to protect their paws from ice.

Hilarious! Calvin the dog loves to steal slides from the kids.

Does your dog get excited in playing in snow? Does your dog like sledding? Watch how Calvin steals the sleds, and if you find it funny, share it with your family and friends.