His owner died in a car crash. This story will break your heart.

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No one can deny that dogs are the most compassionate pets there is. It’s just amazing how much these animals are capable of showing emotions towards humans and other animals as well. Every day, we see tons of videos that prove the intensity and sincerity of their compassion and their feelings.

And because of these traits, dogs are used as not just pets, but also helper dogs, that are companions for sick or disabled people, and police dogs. Because of their loyalty, compassion, and sharp senses, dogs are used in many police departments around the world, and they prove every day that they are worthy of that position.

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However, police work is a very risky and dangerous occupation. Back in May, Officer Eric Eslary was driving down a highway with his partner dog, Blek, when a horrible accident took place. A drunk driver was going the wrong way and he hit Officer Eric’s car. Unfortunately, the officer passed away, however, his partner dog survived.

As you will see in the video, the dog survived with lots of injuries, and he still needs therapy every day. However, he is now retired and lives with his late partner’s family.

According to the late officer’s wife, having Blek around is very helpful for her and the kids emotionally. Blek is still a very lively and active dog despite his injury. However, he still carries the sadness in his heart for losing his partner, and he still runs to the door whenever it rings, expecting it would be Eric.

It’s such a heartbreaking story, however, we are happy to see Blek living happily with the family and his brother and sister. It’s a happy ending which they all deserve. This story is further proof that dogs are such compassionate and giving animals.

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