Home depot employees build special invention for dog with cancer.


Source: ABC News


Dog owner Risa Feldman wanted to build a cart for her best friend Ike, a 15-year old dog, Ike, was diagnosed with bone cancer, so she asked an employee for help.

Ike has cancer in one of his back legs, making it painful for him to get around, she said. To walk Ike, Feldman had been lifting his back legs off the ground in a kind of harness, but it’s been tough. His cancer causes him a great deal of pain in his hind legs, making it challenging for him to go for walks. And Ike has a wheelchair to hold up his back legs while he walks on his front paws, but he gets tired, she said. Feldman had to think outside the box to give Ike the quality of life that anyone would want when facing a terminal illness, so Feldman went to Home Depot and asked an employee for help modifying a cart for Ike. When employee Ernesto Moran heard Risa’s dilemma, he teamed up with co-worker Justin Wadman to create a solution. Not only did they build a custom cart, complete with a small ramp, they also committed to building a ramp for Risa’s car to help Ike get in. In addition to Ike’s Trike, they’re also building a ramp so the pooch can get in and out of Feldman’s car easily. “I offered to build this for her and let her know that it’s something that Home Depot offers – giving back to our customers,” Moran said.


Source: ABC News


Feldman was so appreciative that she went to the news, explaining, “I just wanted people to know that there are still people out there who do good things, really.”

Now Ike can continue to people watch and bask in the sun from his new cart. Feldman said, “He’s so happy to watch everybody. It’s his favorite thing to do. He’ll lay there in the sun.”


Source: ABC News

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