How This Policeman And Local Woman Saved Two Dogs’ Lives Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity


One of the leading causes of animal deaths is road accidents, and sadly, it’s common practice for drivers who hit animals on the road to drive away and not stop for a second to help the dog they injured or possibly killed. But it’s reassuring to know that there are still some kind-hearted people out there who are willing to go out of their way to help an animal in need.


When a local woman and a policeman encountered this situation, they both took a brave action that saved two lives and surely inspired many people about the importance of caring for our little friends.It started when one day when Deborah Dominick spotted two dogs on a busy highway in Kansas City, Missouri. Dominick noticed that one of the two dogs, Bear, was trying to cross the three lanes of traffic to get to the other side. On the edge of the road was his sister, Honey, watching nervously as Bear tried to avoid traffic.


Immediately, Dominick stopped and tried to help Bear get to the side of the road, but sadly, he was hit by a passing car and dangerously injured. The driver didn’t stop to help the dog he hit.

Passing by, officer Tom Butkovich saw the situation and immediately came to help. Bravely and smartly, he stopped a lane of traffic, which allowed Dominick to go in and grab the injured dog. He also helped her bring Honey, using emergency dog treats he kept with him.

The two kindhearted rescuers took Honey and Bear to a local vet and split the bill. Later, it was discovered that Honey and Bear’s owners didn’t want them anymore, so they are now at the KC Pet Project shelter, safe and healthy and up for adoption.


We hope these two babies find their loving forever home soon. Share this heartwarming rescue with your family and friends!