I always wonder why my dog does THIS. Do you have any idea?

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I did not know for quite a long time what are the nearest-to-true explanations of why the thunder always scares my little dog, why he circles around every time he goes to bed, or why he becomes that aggressive with his toys. The good news is, these behaviors are all normal, even if they seem odd sometimes! So if you too did experience any of these behaviors with your pup, I can assure you that there is nothing you should worry about. Yet, you have to be aware of the reasons why they sometimes act this weird!

Scroll through the below guide which explains 10 of the most doggie weird behaviors! Please let us know in a comment if your pup displays any of these strange actions, and do not forget to SHARE this guide list with every dog owner you know!


Why Do Dogs…

1. Chase Their Tails?


Many animal behaviorists and researchers consider the tail-chasing behavior compulsive. On the contrary, some other experts relate it to reasonable explanations, and refer to it as a disorder or a symptom of some health issues, including the flea allergy dermatitis, anal gland problems, lack of essential vitamins (as B6, and C), and separation anxiety. Another explanation could be that it is a way for the dogs to release their excess energy.