If Dogs Can Write A Letter, This Will Be What They write


8-17-2015 2-54-51 PM

Have you ever imagined, if your dog can actually write a letter, what would he say to you? This letter is for you from your dog, it seems that dogs have a lot to say.

“I am your beloved dog, your family member, and I have something that I want to tell you. I know you have a busy life routine, I know you are tired from all the work you have all day, you have many responsibilities, and it makes you run around all time, so you never notice the little amazing things in life. And you don’t have enough time for me. I see from the look in your eye that you love me, but the question is, what do you see in my eyes? I need you to give me some of your busy time, I deserve a simple moment of your time, and that is all what I am asking for… a few minutes!


I am not a forever thing, I will not live forever, I know it bothers you to listen to those news about other dogs passing away, I know it will break your heart, but I will grow up without you even noticing, and you will find accidently that there is no enough time anymore. No more chances to run, play and go for endless walks. All we have is NOW! So come on now, let’s play and cuddle, let’s take a nap together, let’s go for a long run, I know how busy you are, and how there is sorrow in your heart, but together we can handle everything, I will understand you more than anyone does, and I will never judge you. Let’s enjoy our special world, don’t waste a second, because we don’t know if we have tomorrow.”


Share this touching letter with all the dog owners you know, it’s an invitation to care about your dog and give him more time.