If Your Pet Has Any Of These Collars, Drop Everything And Rush It To A Vet

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It is a natural thing that every pet owner wants to make sure their pets are alright and they don’t suffer any health problems. This is what matters to every pet owner besides providing their pets with love, compassion, a warm bed and food!

But What do they do when the thing we bought to help them caused additional problems, making them so sick?! Have you ever thought of that?

Mosquitoes and fleas can cause a horrible issue for our beloved pets; that is why many pet owners rush to get flea collars. Surprisingly, instead of them, there are alternative home remedies that can be used to solve flea problem, but flea collars tend to work with many animals.

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Except for Onyx’s owner who thought that she was doing the best for her beloved friend by purchasing the Sergeant’s Dual Action Flea.

The adorable black cat wasn’t the same after the flea collar was applied on her body!

The flea collar was purchased from Lexington, Georgia from a local pharmacy. Onyx’s owner thought the flea collar would make her beloved friend feel comfortable; she was shocked at what happened next!

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Eventually, the cat lost its sight completely and was paralysed before, sadly, dying. The grieved family demanded answers from the manufacturer, but all the company could do was offer their condolences and they have yet to provide a reason for Onyx’s death.

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It is a very unfortunate turn of events and I share my sympathy with the grieving family. But at the same time I want every pet owner to pay more attention to their purchase for their pets. We consider this as an alert to a danger that could happen to any one of us!

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