Imagine looking up one day and seeing a snake above you!


If you ask anyone which wild animal they think is the scariest, many people would answer lions, tigers, or even bears. But a great many others (the majority, actually) will tell you that the one place they watch the most while taking a walk in a grassy space is the ground, because their biggest fear is snakes!

Why? Well, snakes are simply pretty scary, and for most of us, we don’t wait to find out if their venoms are poisonous or not. Snakes live on all continents except Antarctica, in addition to sea snakes, which are widespread throughout the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. In total, about 3400 snake species are recognized nowadays, and snakes are believed to have evolved and came to life during the Jurassic period.


The residents of Anglesey, North Wales were in for a thrilling and mostly scary surprise one morning when a boa constrictor, a non-poisonous snake species that comes from South America, was spotted hanging on a 20ft high telephone wire.

Impressively, the snake was apparently trying to escape, and he succeeded in making it through the telephone wire and onto a pipe on the neighboring building. However, police succeeded in taking hold of the snake then, and safely returned the snake to its owner.

It turns out that the snake escaped from an upstairs window and managed to reach the telephone wire.


One reason why neighbors were scared is that the boa constrictor, especially when large, can be very easily confused with an anaconda. However, the boa constrictor’s bite is non-lethal to humans although it is painful. Generally, boa constrictors are well tempered unless irritated, which makes them tame enough to be popular for captivity and public showing.

No doubt that snakes are one of the most interesting carnivorous reptiles out there. Share this amazing moment with your family and friends.