In the 1800s, people used pitties with their babies to do THIS! Can you believe it?

For humans, dogs have never been just animals. Amongst all animals that share this world with us, these amazingly adorable creatures have always been the best companions. With their faithfulness, loyalty, and unconditional love.  They are truly man’s best friend!

You can be certainly proud of your guard dog who seems to be on duty all the time. However, you should also know that there is a good reason hiding in the genes descending from his ancient ancestors, the ones whom bred by our great grandfathers back in the old days. This awesome companion proved it crystal clear throughout man’s history, “they love to work incredibly hard to help us humans”, and in return, all what they asked for was love and respect. During those days, too many dogs were bred for certain purposes, which they did really professional! Until today, many dogs still help man. What an incredible gift from Lord!

What makes sense is that dogs are like humans, they pursue the feeling of satisfaction and happiness of being useful for close ones. Deep down in their hearts, they love doing all their efforts to please us!

Scroll through the below list to learn more about the favorite doggie professions, and tell us in comments if you have a career-oriented dog in your life!


1. Sled Teamster


Nowadays, breeds that still work as sled dogs are huskies and malamutes. These two are the first working breeds in history, from the time when they were looking like wolves much more. These dogs had been hard workers for humans helping them travel across the icy lands in the extreme cold weather in far north Russia, Greenland, and Magnolia.