Incredibly, these 8 simple habits will make your pup as happy as can be


It is hard to leave your puppy at home everyday in the morning, you know it does not want to stay by itself, but you have to leave for work.  As you leave, you look at those huge eyes and try to tell it that you will be home soon, while you grab your keys and run out the door. It feels bad when you think of your pup moping alone in the house all day.

Certainly, you can do some things for your dog to help it be happier. You do not have to quit your job to spend all the time taking your dog on walks. Proper budgeting of your time to fulfill your dog’s needs is just fine. Involve your pup in the errands and activities you have to do. Some small changes in your pets’ day can make a huge difference in their happiness.


Give your doggie opportunities to entertain itself.


Rather than leaving some treats out for your puppy to munch on while you are away, give them food puzzles. Those toys will keep them busy for long periods; moreover, they will also challenge their minds.

Think about it, how do you feel when watching a trashy television show instead of reading a piece of fine literature? There is no doubt that your mind is more challenged when reading, and after accomplishing challenge comes satisfaction.

Just as wild animals have to make some effort for their food, the same concept applies to our pets. Let your dog work with puzzles for its food, this will help it return to its instincts; moreover, it

will be much more satisfied.