INFOGRAPHIC: How to read dogs’ body language?


There are lots of body language signs that help you understand your dog more, like when a dog wags his tail, that means he’s happy, but surprisingly, it’s not true, not each time your dog wags his tail will mean that he is happy; this sign has lots of other meanings. We are getting all the dog body language basics wrong. Here in this article, we will try to help you by using that chart below, and we will discuss the true signs of the dog’s body language.

The Calm and Natural Position: Let’s take it from the start, a relaxed body with no tension, a relaxed tail with little wags, so this dog is waiting for you to say hi, he is ready to be petted.

The Alert Position: You will feel that the dog is interested in what is going around him, his body will lean forward, and also his ears and his mouth may close or maybe not.

The Aggressive Position: If you noticed any dog taking that position, don’t ever think about taking a step away, just stand still, if you found that the dog is wagging his tail like a flag, just act like a tree.

The Playful Position: The dog tail will be wagging, and if you found the dog taking the position that’s shown in the chart, then he is getting ready to play fetch or to catch the ball.

The Nervous Position: When you find your dog’s ear back, and his body is leaning back and his tail is getting low with soft wags, then your dog is nervous and getting anxious. This position can transform into frightened position, the ears get flattened, and the tail is totally tucked, then your dog is frightened from something!

The dog’s body language is having endless positions and signs. Read this chart for more dogs’ body language positions and share it with your friends.