Chasing a fox can be funnier than you thought

19-11-2015 08-50-50 م

It was a very normal day for a couple of golfers in England enjoying their game and having fun. There was a sneaky visitor watching them and watching the whole game. The sneaky visitor has made his mind to approach them in a very funny way. They had a minor confrontation with a sly fox, the devious creature tried to steal one of their golf club covers on many attempts. This cunning fox knew exactly what he wanted, and he wouldn’t stop until he got it.

The crafty creature secretly approached to the golf club before pouncing on it and snatching it away, only to drop it after a few seconds of being chased by one of the golfers. The sly fox was stubborn and determined to take the golf club cover.

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You might think that the fox understood he was not supposed to pick up things that didn’t belong to him after being chased by a human. But he didn’t! He kept on coming back and trying to steal it. The golf cover was moved once more, but the crafty thing ran away with it for a third time, dropping it after being chased yet again but this time much further than previous The game has changed from being chased by a human to chasing a human and watching, it is so hilarious. The man hilariously fell to the ground just before the fox decided that he had enough and disappeared into the forest.

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The devious fox was acting exactly as one of our sweet dogs who just want to have fun and play around.  It is clear however, that the sly fox had had enough and decided to withdraw. It’s amazing to see such interaction between human and animals. It’s astonishing as well as funny!

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