K9 Officer Who Was Attacked By Machete Has A Soul Of Champion

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K9 Officer Nicky is such a brave police dog!

Police in Nevada received a call where alleged gunshots and screams for help that were heard inside a house last week.

The case escalated into a 12-hour tie that carried on to the early morning hours. But when negotiations took place, Las Vegas Police Department (LAPD) called in their K9 police officers, not realizing that the suspect was armed with a  knife!

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Unfortunately, the suspect sliced Nicky in the head several times. Although Nicky’s serious injuries, he couldn’t let anything stop him. He didn’t quit or give up while he was seriously attacked. Instead, the brave dog continued doing his job and he did the big part in bringing the suspect down!

Nicky’s partner Sgt. Eric Kerns, rushed him to the nearest vet for surgery and thankfully, he is now recovering at home.

Sgt. Eric Kerns who has been working with Nicky for three years, told 13 Action News:

“He’s a very good police dog, he’s a very courageous dog. He’s been up against some tough suspects, some big intimidating people, and he doesn’t care.”

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I’m pretty sure, Sgt Eric Kerns is so proud of his brave partner.

Friends of the Lass Vegas Police K9s wrote on their Facebook page:

“Nicky is home now and doing well. Thank you for all the well wishes. He’s a little loopy but is in great spirits. Truly has the heart of a champion.!!! Great job in taking down a very bad suspect!”.

K9 Nicky proves he is such a brave officer with the soul of a real fighter. He won’t let anything to stop him from doing his duty.

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