Kilo had a bad day, so he sings the blues.

3-24-2015 9-57-33 PM

Maybe Kilo the dog has had a bad day so he listens as he sings along to the blues. This poor dog seems so sad and this makes us speak about why dogs are being sad. Bonnie Beaver, the executive director of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, has said that veterinarians don’t know if dogs suffer from depression the same way people do. He also said it is hard to know because they can’t speak and we can’t ask them, Beaver works as a veterinary specialist in animal behavior at the clinic at Texas University College of Veterinary Medicine. He added that there are a few situations in clinical practice, where that is the only explanation and he mentioned that it is rare for dogs to suffer from long term depression, during the periods of change it isn’t common for pets to get down.

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On that meaning, John Ciribassi the past president of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior says that the symptoms of dog depression are very similar to the symptoms of people depression. He adds that dogs become inactive, they don’t want to participate in any activities, also they become withdrawn, their habits in eating and sleeping change, on the other side, vets warn us when we see those symptoms, we have a full checkup for our pet by the veterinarian as it may the dog has a medical problem. So when you see your pet is inactive and doesn’t want to go for a walk, for example, he may have pain from arthritis, also he added that the major changes in any dog’s life could lead the dog in long periods of depression. These changes include adding another pet to the house or having new baby, a new spouse or moving to a new home. This sweet dog sadly sings the blues when he listens to it.