A one of a kind rescue mission

02-01-2016 11-50-22 ص

Sadly, huge numbers of deer are commonly seen dead on the side of the road.  What is really heartbreaking is that most of these helpless deer are victims of hit and run accidents.  They are often left to die on the road, with no immediate medical attention, of course only a handful survive.

Lucky for one of them a man showed up to the rescue.  Simon Cowell, the founder of Wildlife Aid Foundation, is dedicated to helping such animals.  The video shows him struggling to pick up an injured deer, who he intends to take to a clinic for medical attention.  After receiving he treatment, he drove the deer back and released it to the wild.  At first the deer was reluctant but with more encouragement, she was able to venture deeper into the woods away from traffic.

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Thanks to Simon’s help, the deer is now enjoying a second chance of life.  Simon was so touched and had tears of joy in his eyes when he saw the deer moving on and that he was the reason it was rescued.

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