Labrador survives an attempt to euthanize her by her owner!


Scott, 28, of Goodland Township was charged with felony animal cruelty. He tried to euthanize his dog, a Labrador named Gemma,after he believed she killed his 14-year-old pug. He buried the pug and dug a hole in which to bury Gemma, after shooting her with an arrow in her head according to testimony during a preliminary exam for Scott in Lapeer County district court.

Scott had taken Gemma to a field and shot her with the crossbow arrow. According to his testimony, she ran about 20 yards and fell to the ground. Assuming she was dead, Scott went to get a tarp for her body. When he returned, Gemma was nowhere to be found.If convicted of the charge, Scott would serve four years in prison.

Two days later, Gemma was found with the arrow still in her head. She was sent to Lapeer County Animal Control to evaluate her personality. Four month later, The Devoted Barn, an animal rescue and rehabilitation facility in Newport in Monroe County decided to take charge of Gemma evaluation.

No one noticed any aggressive behavior from Gemma. She seemed to be such a sweet heart. A video of Gemma was posted on twitter shows her barking and playing with one of the staff’s daughter. She seemed quite tame and docile.

Gemma was given a second chance to pursue the life she deserves. She’s a wonderful dog worthy of love, care and attention. She deserves a loving, safe home with loving owners who would shower her with affection and appreciation. No dog in the world has to go through what Gemma did. Fortunately, she’s doing fine and soon enough she’ll find a forever home that she deserves.

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