Last minutes with his dog, see what he has to say.

Dogs didn’t get the label of being man’s best friend for nothing, it was because of this. It’s because what they do to us, with us, and for us.


Having a dog in your life is having a forever friend, they will make you smile, and unlike humans, they won’t ever judge you, they won’t question you, nor make you hate yourself. Instead, they will make you forgive and love yourself, and they will teach you how to give love. This is what Jason Wood’s dog, Oden, had taught him, and Jason decided to document the story of him and Oden, and it was right before Oden’s death.

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Jason Wood was not an ordinary man; he was one with a rough past. Jason was in prison for 10 years, and he was sick, poor, and hungry, and no one loved him, except his buddy Oden. No one accepted Jason as Oden did, Oden would come cuddle with Jason, as if knowing that Jason was hurt. In this short documentary, Jason tells us his past with Oden by his side, and while doing so, he is preparing Oden for his final journey to the vet, because Oden was dying. Oden the dog was diagnosed with cancer, and he was a fighter, but it’s just time to go, because his job was done.

Jason is devastated, he can’t do anything for his buddy anymore, he can’t help, all he can do or say is, “Don’t go.” Jason knew, that he would lose his best friend one day, but he was never prepared. Oden knew, too, but he never stopped loving Jason or not caring for him.

The video below will leave you with tears, and you just won’t stop crying. It’s hard seeing the dog getting euthanized, and it’s harder to see everyone crying, Jason too.

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